Skype Interviews update supercharges technical screenings

Skype Interviews launched about 5 weeks ago with the mission to make remote coding interviews easier than ever for candidates and interviewers. With Skype Interviews, you can start and conduct an interview instantly – even without logging in to Skype!

Today, we’re happy to announce the next milestone for Skype Interviews. We’re introducing code snapshots, group video calling, chatting, file upload, more programming languages and a newly refined UI. All of these features are based on our amazing community feedback.

Just tweet at us with #Skypelnterviews to submit your feedback or join our community here.

Code Snapshots for Skype Interviews
Code Snapshots for Skype Interviews

First off, we added the ability for you to take a snapshot of the code. Clicking on the “Download” button (next to the “Run” button), allows you to save the code to your PC.

Group video calls in Skype Interviews

We’ve also heard from our community that multi-person interviews are very important for the interview process. Therefore, starting today, we’ve lifted the limitation of two participants in an interview. Whether you want to have peer-reviewed interviews or have all aspects of the interview in one consolidated place, it’s as simple as sending interviewers the same link

Chats for Skype Interviews

Want to send a question for the candidate to solve without adding “comments” to the code editor? Well, now we’ve added a chat interface directly on the right-hand side of the code editor. The best part of this is that you can also upload files, images and videos directly through the chat sidebar to have a richer interviewing experience.

You can also hide the chat window by clicking on the “>” arrow next to the message input box.

New languages for Skype Interviews – F#, Go, PHP, Rust, TypeScript

And finally, we’ve added five new programming languages to our existing seven languages. You can now conduct interviews with PHP, F#, Go, Rust and TypeScript.

Don’t see your preferred coding language? Tweet at us with #SkypeInterviews and we’ll try and add it for you as soon as possible.

We hope you like our first major update to Skype Interviews and please let us know what you think of these changes.

Happy interviewing!